KAAR Technologies Interview Experience for Freshers | #3 How to crack KAAR interview | Tamil | #EES

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Hey EES Squads, In this video we will see the complete interview process of KAAR Technologies in tamil and ask questions to Pooja, Associate consultant of KAAR Technologies regarding how to cracked interview and get placed in KAAR Technologies and also interview questions asked in KAAR Technologies interview process. Hope you will enjoy the video and clear your doubts regarding KAAR Technologies placements.

Watch this fully to know about the various rounds in online test and hiring process – Aptitude, Communication and HR interview.

Here are some of the common Accenture Interview questions which are generally asked in the Accenture Interview Process::

• Why did you apply for this job?
• Why should we hire you?
• What do you know about our company?
• What is it that interests you most about this job?
• Tell me something about yourself, in less than a minute?
• Can you tell us more about your education and courses?
• What do you feel are your main strengths and how will they help you on this job?
• What are your main weaknesses and how do you work with them?
• How do you deal with stress?
• What is the biggest problem you have faced in your career so far?
• How does an ideal boss from your point of view look like?
• For the next five years, what are your personal and professional goals?
• What keeps you motivated to do your best work?
• What do you like to do in your free time?
• What do you consider as the biggest professional achievement in your life?
• Have you also applied elsewhere?
• Would you be willing to relocate for this job/position?
• Will you travel for this job?
• If we were to hire you, how soon can you start?”
• Is there anything you would like to ask us?

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