James Parsons . Design . Creation . Direction . Reel

Reel Breakdown

Music: GoGo Penguin – All Res

5SELECT Channel Branding.
Art Direction/C4D/After Effects/Illustrator: James Parsons.
Design/C4D/After Effects/Illustrator: Andrea Stragapede.
Design/C4D/After Effects/Illustrator: Ed Fergusson.
Creative Direction/After Effects: Dorian Thomas.

Drama on 5 Promo.
Design/C4D/After Effects: James Parsons.
Creative: Max Haddon Wright.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

A Different Lifetime Promo.
Creative Direction/Design/After Effects/Illustrator: James Parsons.

Big Brother – Cashbomb packaging.
Art Direction/After Effects/Photoshop: James Parsons.
Maya: Aaron Bonell.
Original Logo Design: Shop.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

Jackie Chan / Jet Li Season – Promo.
Design/Animation/Compositing/After Effects: James Parsons.
Art Direction: Geoff Parsons.
Creative: Pauline Le Goff.
Creative Director: Richard Thrift.

Person of Interest – Ident.
Concept/Design/Animation/Compositing/After Effects: James Parsons.
Creative Director: Richard Thrift.

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan – Ident.
Concept/Animation/Tracking/Compositing/C4D/After Effects: James Parsons.
Tracking/Compositing/After Effects: Josh Moore.

Eight Days That Made Rome – Teaser.
Concept/Creative Direction/Compositing/After Effects: Dorian Thomas.
D.O.P. Richard Bell.
Text and Timeline Animation/After Effects: James Parsons.
Script: David Hicks.

Gotham Promo packaging.
Art Direction/C4D: James Parsons.
C4D/After Effects: Adeel Khan.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

5Spike/Spike Launch Sizzle Reel.
Design/After Effects: James Parsons.
Lead Creative: Rob Fox.

CSI cyber takeover Idents.
Art Direction/After Effects: James Parsons.
3D/Maya artist: Aaron Bonell.
After Effects/Compositing/Graphics: Giles Bartlett.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.
Original Drummer Ident:
Art Direction: Geoff Parsons.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.
3D/Compositing/gfx: Earth.

Winter Ident Channel 5.
3D/Compositing & Concept/Maya/C4D/AfterEffects: Aaron Bonnell and James Parsons.
Art Direction: Dene Smith.

5Spike/Spike Action Promo.
Text/Design/Compositing/After Effects: James Parsons.
Creative Direction: Rob Fox.

Channel 5 Drama Promo.
3D/Compositing/C4D/After Effects: James Parsons.
Creative: Jo Ridley.

Dark Jake and the Jelly Ghost Promo.
Creative Direction/Design/C4D/After Effects: James Parsons.

Milshake! Monkey – Titles.
Art Direction/Design/Compositing/After Effects/C4D/Illustrator: James Parsons.
From existing Illustrations.

Macat – Education concept explainer.
Concept/design/animation/compositing/After effects/C4D/Illustrator James Parsons.
Concept/script: Carl Stickley.

Caught on Camera – Title Sequence.
Concept/Design/C4D(except models)/After effects/compositing/Illustrator: James Parsons.

Football League Tonight Campaign.
Art Direction/C4D/After Effects: James Parsons.
After Effects/C4D/After Effects: Andrea Stragapede.
Lead Creative: Rob Fox.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

Big Brother – UK Vs USA packaging.
Art Direction: James Parsons.
3D artist: Aaron Bonell / Andrea Stragapede.
After Effects: Andrea Stragapede / Giles Bartlett / Josh Moore.
Original Big Brother Eye Logo Design: Shop.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

Big Brother – Good vs Evil – Mask Reveal Promo.
Shoot Direction/Concept/Compositing/After Effects: James Parsons.
Lead Creative/Concept: Waiel Al-Nour.
Original 3D and Compositing: Gramercy Park Studio.
Art Direction: Dene Smith.
Creative Direction: Rob Fox.

Silent Library.
Design/After Effects: James Parsons.
Creative: Rob Fox.

Big Brother – Timebomb Teaser Promo.
C4D/After Effects/Compositing: James Parsons.
Art Direction: Dene Smith.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.
Original Logo Design: Shop.

The Walking Dead – Ident – Channel 5.
C4D/After Effects/Compositing/Design: James Parsons.
Art Direction: Geoff Parsons.
Creative Direction: Rich Thrift.

Duration: 69

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