I've waited my ENTIRE Career to do this!

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I finally did it! Since the beginning of my career as a photographer, it has been a dream of mine to be able to share my work with those who are as excited by it as I am. Fast forward and today is the day – I am thrilled to announce my first 2021 Winter Limited Series collection of prints. Each of the three prints are available in three different sizes and are limited to 250 numbered pieces in each size – once they are gone, they are gone. It has taken me so long to be able to offer these prints as I needed to ensure that every aspect of the experience from the packaging to the paper, to the authenticity certificates were of the highest quality with no detail overlooked. It is such an honour to be able to share this with you all and I am so pumped to think that these prints will be displayed on your walls across the globe! Also, I have released my V4 presets pack and LUTs packs; head over to the website and have a look at the before and after slider examples. Finally, I just want to thank you all for watching this video, for sharing in the excitement with me and for your continued support!

The Music I use in All my videos: https://bit.ly/2KJwcVG – AMAZING for YouTubers!
Color Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : https://goo.gl/JmUrM7
PM MERCH & COFFEE! : https://goo.gl/TkzM6S

What’s in my camera bag?! : MY 2021 UPDATED KIT!!
My Camera Bag! : https://bit.ly/3bwWusK
My go to daily camera : https://amzn.to/3ykrRQG
Most Used Lens Currently : https://amzn.to/33OBc5g
Incredible portrait & detail (Cheaper alternative) lens : https://amzn.to/3fnJ6rJ
My Magical Telephoto Lens : https://amzn.to/3bsPZqL
Vlog Mic : https://amzn.to/3bAiIdk
VND Filters (imperative for outdoor shooting) : http://bit.ly/PMVND_EDII
My Drone (legal everywhere) : https://amzn.to/33NJjzl
The action cam I use : https://amzn.to/3uWcIDk
Jaw Clamp for Action Cam : https://amzn.to/3wbjepV
Air Tags : https://amzn.to/3wdBy1w
Filter Case / storage : https://amzn.to/3hxZcSg
Tripod : https://amzn.to/3eTpXyX
Gimbal I use : https://amzn.to/3op361j

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