ISOMETRIC House | Illustrator Tutorial (Part 1 of 2)

In today’s step by step Adobe Illustrator tutorial you’ll learn how to create detailed isometric house. You’ll see full professional creative process from basics to advanced techniques. First you’ll learn how to create base for isometric house using 3D effects, will see how to combine 3D objects to get complicated details, how to experiment with 3D and then will learn how to bring 3D isometric scene to high professional level using clipping mask, opacity mask, gradients, blending modes and blend tool. I will explain each step, so even if you’re beginner by the end of second part of this Illustrator tutorial you’ll be able to create any isometric house with small details and rich realistic shadows. This isometric Illustrator tutorial is for beginners and advanced.

I hope today’s Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial about isometric design will really help you out. Drop a comment below and let me know what you liked about this video!
I show extremely useful and important tips in each step, so don’t miss them and boost your skills!
0:00 Intro
1:17 create base shape for house using 3D effect
3:03 create roof using star tool, shape builder tool and 3D effect
15:35 create chimney using 3D effect
17:21 create windows and door using line segment tool and 3D effect
26:24 add details to walls using rectangle tool and 3D effect
31:07 create roof for terrace using rectangle tool and 3D effect; attach it to the wall
35:13 create terrace base using 3D
36:24 create new layer for guides (we need this layer to work fast and do everything correctly)
37:07 create handrails for terrace using line segment tool and 3D effect
40:58 create stairs using rectangle tool and 3D effect
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