IsaAlsup GRFX 2014

Isa Alsup’s graphics show reel featuring work as a CG motion graphics designer/artist, compositor and supervisor. The reel depicts an eclectic variety of styles and work reflecting three decades of motion graphics design on the national and international scene.

The reel also shows Alsup’s broad skills and employment of many software tools.

Skills demonstrated in this work include:

MOTION GRAPHICS CG— title design, text design, modeling, character rigging, animation, textures, look-dev, lighting, 3d particle effects. SOFTWARE used includes Maya, Softimage, Poser, Advanced Visualizer, Lightning FX; Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Photopaint, Corel Draw.

COMPOSITING— motion graphics compositing and element integration, 2d rigging, 2d animation, 2d particles, digital opticals, SOFTWARE used includes Nuke, After Effects, Composer. Edie;

SUPERVISING— breakdowns, planning, vfx design, on-set supervision, continuity, visual leadership.

© 2014 Isa A. Alsup. The artist is publishing this unique collection under fair use for the purposes of illustrating work done by author, general research into vfx methods and history. Some of the pieces have been modified from originally published versions.
Each individual work is copyrighted by its respective publisher.

Duration: 261

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