Is Nano Dimensions Stock A Buy? ($NNDM Analysis and Prediction)

Should you buy Nano Dimensions Stock ($NNDM) in 2021 after being up 566% in the last year? So shares of Nano Dimensions (NNDM Stock) jumped massively last, being up almost 570% in a single year. And of course this one question raises: Should you buy in the Nano Dimensions Stock ($NNDM) and invest in Nano Dimensions after recent pullbacks? In this video we’ll take a detailed look at the Nano Dimensions stock and answer the question, whether right now is a good time to buy $NNDM. We’ll give you a detailed Nano Dimensions Stock analysis and look at the future of the Nano Dimensions Stock ($NNDM).

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So what is happening to Nano Dimension’s stock is absolutely crazy! After losing almost all of its value and falling from over $100 to a few cents in 2020, it managed to perform an astonishing upward trend afterwards, jumping more than 560% in the last year! So in this video, we are going to break down exactly what made Nano Dimension’s stock rise so much and whether it could go through the next big short squeeze as the short interest is extremely high.

00:00 – Intro & Overview
00:28 – Almost at 200 subs 🙂
00:41 – Company Fundamentals
01:02 – Business Opportunities
01:40 – The Incredible Business Model
02:09 – Ark Invest’s 8 Million Dollar Position
02:31 – Is NNDM a Buy?
03:02 – Summary
03:30 – Outro

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