iPhone Ad

1. Cinema 4D – Modeled iPhone 4.
2. Cinema 4D – Created reflective floor and never ending white background.
3. Cinema 4D – Animated iPhone 4 to spin back and then to the left.
4. Photoshop – Took screenshots of apps from iPhone and cut them out in After Effects. Saved them out as individual .png files.
5. Cinema 4D – Created planes and added .png app icons as textures on the planes.
6. Cinema 4D – Created an emitter and emitted app icon planes from emitter.
7. Cinema 4D – Exported entire animation as .psd image sequence to After Effects.
8. After Effects – Imported .psd image sequence and added text fade up.
9. After Effects – Color corrected the whole thing and then rendered .mov file to FCP.

Duration: 3

Likes: 4