Intro to Prepping a Premiere Project – Editing Workflow – Tutorial 001

Today is a special day as we can finally introduce our third member of Blauw Films. Gaby, our editor, will be breaking down her professional workflow when it comes to working in Adobe Premiere Pro. She will cover her folder structure before starting a project and how she organises her bins and sequences inside of Premiere.

She also covers her workspace layout inside of Premiere. The classic Gabster’s Workspace. If you would like to download the workspace feel free to do so over here:

0:00 Intro
5:21 Questions to ask yourself
6:15 Folder structure
16:59 Bins and Sequence structure

Thank you very much for checking out our YouTube Channel! We really appreciate your comments and the engagement we’ve been getting. Our upcoming tutorial will be a Lighting Mastery on Grant Wood.

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Duration: 00:39:50