Intro to Adobe Dimension with Jesús Ramirez – 2 of 2

Join Jesús Ramirez on Adobe Live as he shows you how to get started in Adobe Dimension. Over the next 2 days, he’ll demonstrate how you can use materials, lights, and basic shapes to easily create beautiful text effects and how you can use Dimension to seamlessly place a 3D model in your photos!

Jesús Ramirez is a San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Designer and the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
08:03 Free 3D elements
19:04 Adding texture
28:10 Adding an image
38:50 How to customize textures
59:15 How to make a seamless pattern
1:17:12 Bringing it into Photoshop

Duration: 01:27:10