Intro to Adobe Animate [1/4] | Beginners Tutorial

Welcome to another journey into the world of animation! Stick it through to the end and you’ll have a great base in the world of Adobe Animate! Let’s do this!

The timelapse music is by Yotam Perel, check him out!

Note: I decided against putting the colour palette up on the website. To encourage creativity, I’d like you to choose your own colours! You can still find the initial sketch there though.

Thanks to Ghazy Fadhil H for the timestamps!
00:00 Intro
1:16 Lets start New Doc
2:26 How To Zoom In/Out
2:58 What is Library
3:22 How to Import Image
4:22 Basic Away about Animation
5:20 Add Extra Frame (F5) / Add New Key Frame (F7) / Delete Frame
8:50 Add new layer
10:27 Recommendation Brush (Shift + B)
11:03 Make a Sun and Sunset
11:43 Paint Filler (K) / Move Object (V) / Transform (Q)
12:54 Track Prev Layer
14:40 Convert to Symbol
15:58 Looping Object
19:39 Delete a half of Object
21:04 Rotation Desk Layer (Shift + H) / Drag (H)
24:04 Arrange the Object
41:33 Make a Boat and Wave
44:02 Paint Selection
50:55 Masking a sails

Alan Becker Principles of Animation:

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