[INTRO] Professional 2D INTRO TEMPLATE Animation | Roblox/Minecraft | 3D Text & Shockwave No Panzoid

Here’s a brand new professional shape animation 2D Gaming Intro Template for your YouTube videos! It features some 3D Extruded Text, 2D Shape animations and shockwave bursts! Use this for Roblox, Minecraft, Agar.io or any game for that matter! No need for Adobe After Effects CC or having to mess around with Panzoid on your mobile device since you can customize this online and I render for you within 30 minutes or less! This is Intro Template #13 for TGODdesigns.com- and I’m really exited to share this one with you all! Let me know what you think about this template design in the comments section below!

Full Resolution Render of this Template is $7.99
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Programs Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2 (Compositing)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 (Editing)
Audacity (Audio/Music Editing)

External Assets Used:
Motion Pulse SFX Pack from VideoCopilot
Intro Template Song: Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [Sunroof Remix]
TGODdesigns Intro Song: Massappeals – No Lies

Duration: 00:01:08