Inside Entertainment – Interview w/Rowdy Roddy Piper Complete

This is the complete interview with effects as well as some added effects from Adobe After Effects.

For this video I had a lot of work to do.

The original audio was remastered from a better source and all video was synced to the audio.

an intro was created out of B-Roll footage and royalty free music that was created through garage band on the mac.

3 other effects were created using adobe after effects cs5 – the glowing lights has multiple layers in the project file itself to create the glowing effect of the orbs as well as motion blurs and movement to text. Video Copilot gets the credit for teaching me that one.

The second effect is the name plates that were created using adobe photoshop and then placed into after effects for motion on and off the screen as well as fading in and out.

The last effect is the video still in the credits which is a simple effect from after effects presets. All I did was take a video file and made sure to add a fast blur at a 16% blur capacity. Anything more than that would of caused more darkness in the background. I also made sure to set the still frame option so it looked as if it was a picture taken on the set of the Opponent. The credits were added as separate text layers and spliced in time perfectly.

Duration: 356

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