Infographic Design (5) | Illustrator | Tutorial

New video to learn how to design Infographic Design in Illustrator
Some steps have been cut short because they were repeated in previous videos.
If you have any questions about the lesson, please publish it and I will make sure to answer quickly.

☑️ We will use some tools like:
Hold (Alt) to Duplicate, (Shift+Ctrl+F9) Pathfinder,
Hold (Alt) to Duplicate, (Shift+Ctrl+[) Send to Back,
(Ctrl+[) Send Backward, (Ctrl+2) to Locked,
(Ctrl+G) Group, (Shift+F6) Appearance,
(Ctrl+-), (Ctrl+=), (Ctrl+0) for zoom, (V) Selection tool,
(I) Eyedropper Tool, (F6) Color, (A) Direct Selection tool,
(Ctrl+F9) Gradient, (Ctrl+Z) Undo, Align to Artboard,…… etc

? If the video is a bit fast, use the playback speed button
in the video to change the speed like 0.75-0.50.

Design on Instagram:

? Colors:
1 (786a0c)
2 (3f5708)
3 (16542d)
4 (044854)

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