Infographic 4

This project was full of surprises for me. I chose stereotypes in gaming and how they are being changed for this infographic. I wasn’t quite sure what approach I was wanting to take but I started with what the major stereotype of a fat, acne riddled, living in parents basement, boy/man as my foundation. I then began to show that video games have increased and that the foundation stereotype is no longer the majority. It’s older men and women being the major demographic instead. My main issue with this project was finding the right scale for my images and text that would fit the screen but be big enough for a mobile viewer. Another problem I ran into was my color schemes being either to bright and vibrant or not saturated. What I enjoyed about this project was putting together and creating something on a topic that I am passionate about and being able to show that everyone is a gamer and no longer a isolated demographic of people. Using the mobile gaming systems to present my information I felt was a strong point of the presentation. I started with a newer hand held console and ended with the original hand held console but still using the screens to present the information that is relevant to the story of my infographic. Overall this project was but a challenge as well but helped me develop my skills in illustrator, photoshop, and after effects even more to help me in my future.

Duration: 120

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