InDesing Class -1|INTRODUCTION & WORKSPACE #Indesigntutorial #tutorial #Indesign

Getting Started :
In this lesson, you’ll practice using tools and panels, and navigating through a simple
layout. The lesson file represents the final version of the document—you will not
make permanent changes to objects, add graphics, or modify text. You will use this
document only to explore the InDesign work area.
1 To ensure that the preferences and default settings of your Adobe InDesign
program match those used in this lesson, move the InDesign Defaults file
to a different folder following the procedure in “Saving and restoring the
InDesign Defaults file” on pages 4–5.
2 Start Adobe InDesign.
3 The InDesign Start Screen displays. Click Open at the left. If the Start Screen
does not display, choose File – Open from the InDesign menu bar.
5 Choose File – Save As, rename the file 01_Introduction.indd, and save it in
the Lesson01 folder.
6 To ensure that the panels and menu commands match those used in this lesson,
choose Window – Workspace – Advanced, and then choose Window -Workspace – Reset Advanced.
7 To display the document at a higher resolution, choose View – Display
Performance – High Quality Display.
8 Using the scroll bars on the document window, scroll down to see the second
page of the postcard, and then scroll back up to the first page of the postcard.

Duration: 00:10:05