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ing this text with the path. After having your desired settings click on the Ok button of this dialog box.

InDesign vertical text output 17.1
InDesign vertical text output 17.2
There is a Flip option you can click on it if you want to flip text vertically like this.

InDesign vertical text output 18
Now if we turn to preview mode by pressing the W key.

InDesign vertical text output 19
You can see there is the visible path of line with this vertical text.

InDesign vertical text output 20
It is because there is a stroke on the line so go to the stroke color box and make the stroke off. Now you can see their only path.

InDesign vertical text output 21
And when you deselect it you can see the vertical text clearly.

output 22
You can make changes in text format also after converting it in vertical text.

output 23
Now let me tell you how you can use this vertical text through an example. For that, I will again take a new document and place an image here. For placing the image I will go to the Place option of the File menu of the menu bar or you can press Ctrl + D as its shortcut key.

output 24
I will select this image from the opened dialog box.

output 25
I have downloaded this beautiful image from

output 26
Now i will again draw a vertical line here like this.

output 27
And type Photography word here.

output 28
Now I will again open ‘Type a Paths Options’ dialog box and choose the same Stair step option as we chosen in the previous step.

output 29
Now it is turn into vertical text like this.

output 30
I will off the stroke of line now.

output 31
Now I will change the font size of this text.

output 32
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