Indesign Tutorial – How to Export Indesign file into HTML (Read the description please)

The current Adobe InDesign version (Creative Cloud 2020) cannot export the file in a proper HTML format. Luckily there is a correct way to export your Adobe InDesign file into an HTML web file. The texts and the overall layout is properly exported as an HTML file with this technique. Please download the script file by used in this tutorial:

If the original link missing, here is the alternative script link:

Important notice: If you visit the link in the description, it is clearly stated that the HTML file output from this script is “no way to automatically link the HTML pages together, no control over how the HTML is positioned and sized within the browser, and more.” This could be the answer to some questions here on why the HTML file is unusable. I am no code or HTML-savvy guy at all either. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Duration: 00:03:20