InDesign Scripts • How to Find, Use, & Install • Footnotes→Endnotes • Break Text Threads • Automate!

Have you ever wished that Adobe InDesign had recordable Actions, like in Photoshop or Illustrator? Me, too. Fortunately, there’s a function for “Scripts,” which are basically “Actions” for InDesign.
In this video, I show where to find some scripts, how to download them, how to install them, and how to use them. I feature a script that converts footnotes to endnotes, one that breaks text threads cleanly, and one that removes spurious white space.

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Explanation of Scripts
0:26 – The Scripts Panel
0:53 – Explaining the Endnotes Problem
01:21 – The Slow Way to Fix it
01:45 – Automate the Footnotes to Endnotes Conversion
02:09 – Where to Get Footnotes to Endnotes Script
02:32 – How to Download a .zipped Script
02:48 – The .JSX File
03:06 – Where to Install the .JSX Files in Your Computer
03:52 – The Final File Path for .JSX Files
04:35 – Setting Up the .INDD Files for the Script to work
05:09 – Name the Destination Text Box
06:01 – Automatic Footnotes to Endnotes Conversion for Whole Book!
06:55 – Save All Files at Once
07:08 – Breaking Text Thread Problem
07:41 – Show/Hide Text Threads
07:51 – Editing vs. Preview Toggle Key
08:34 – Where to Find Script to Break Text Threads
08:48 – How to Download a Code or Text-Based Script
09:33 – Using the SplitStory Script
10:18 – Showcase of “Remove Spurious White Space” Script

Footnotes→Endnotes Script:

Remove blank/white spaces script:

Split Text Threads without losing content. Copy and paste this info into a text document and then change the file extension to SplitStoryByFourAces.jsx

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Duration: 00:11:40