InDesign • How to Speed Up the Styling Process when Working with Long Book Documents

This is a video I filmed in preparation for a presentation to the Los Angeles InDesign Users Group. In it, I discuss how to utilize InDesign’s Book function to combine multiple .INDD documents into a group.
Then, I explain several tips and tricks that will increase your efficiency—how to automate running headers, make running headers automatically disappear on title pages, synchronize style changes throughout your whole book, and install a script that removes all unnecessary white space.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Start-up Settings
0:50 – Why Use the Book Function?
1:30 – General Styles
2:05 – How to Make a Book Document
2:30 – Add or Subtract INDD Docs
3:20 – Place the Manuscript into the Document
4:23 – Be Familiar with the Manuscript!
4:45 – How to Maintain Bold and Italic Character Styles
5:50 – How to Open Find/Change
6:28 – Clearing Overrides
7:00 – Applying “Body First Paragraph”
8:05 – Applying other Styles
8:50 – How to Reflow Overset Text
9:15 – A Word about Recto/Verso pages and Book Flow
10:08 – Quickly Replace “Normal” with Body by Deleting it
10:50 – Clear Overrides AFTER all Styles have been Applied
11:40 – Automatically Fix Orphans (or single words at the bottom)
12:30 – Create a No Break Character Style
13:40 – Short Code for No Break GREP
14:30 – Automatically Fix Widows (or single lines at the top)
15:30 – Justification Settings to Automate better Tracking
17:30 – Numbers to Use in Justification Settings
18:55 – Use a Script to Remove Unnecessary White Space (Tabs, Double Spaces, Double Carriage Returns)
19:40 – How to Install a Script on a Windows PC Machine
20:35 – How to Get the CleanSpace Script
21:00 – Save As a .JSX file
21:35 – Where to Put the .JSX file
22:37 – The JSX Warning
23:06 – Don’t Use Spaces!
23:45 – Using the CleanSpace Script
25:20 – Make a Running Header
26:00 – Automate the Chapter Name in the Running Header
27:59 – Make a Dynamic Text Variable for Running Header
28:40 – Create a New Text Variable
29:10 – Text Variable Settings
30:20 – Insert the Text Variable
31:07 – Automatic Chapter Title Page Style without Extra Parent Pages
32:58 – Use Rule Above and Rule Below to Cover up the Running Header
33:59 – Synchronize your Styles Throughout all Book Documents
35:40 – How to Indicate the Style Source
37:00 – Updating and Synchronizing a Single Paragraph Style
38:35 – Assign [None] Pages to Blanks
39:25 – Save All Documents and Export the Book
40:15 – Reminder About Ending every Doc on a Right-Hand Page
41:10 – Final Review

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Duration: 00:42:22