InDesign • How to Quickly Style a WHOLE Book • Interior Print Design Layout Process || PART ONE

This is a video for fellow graphic designers who are looking to speed up their book layout process. In this video duology, I am able to style (not design!) an entire book in about an hour.
I also answer some questions about InDesign features (& errors and how to bypass them.) Why does InDesign use the wrong style when I import and place a Word document? Why is my text always highlighted? How do I keep italic and bold formatting when importing to InDesign? How do I save all my book documents at once rather than saving them one at a time?

0:00 – Intro
00:29 – Manuscript Preparation
01:09 – Reviewing the Template File
01:38 – Ebook File Naming Conventions
03:03 – Using GREP Styles to Fix Orphans Automatically
04:15 – Creating a No Break Character Style
06:49 – Keep Paragraph Lines Together with Keep Options
07:57 – Ebook Tip – Split Document
09:21 – Placing a Word Document into InDesign
10:07 – How to Bring Word Doc into InDesign with Correct Style
11:46 – Clearing Overrides/Why is my Text Highlighted?
12:03 – How to Apply an Italic Character Style Automatically with GREP
15:45 – How to Remove Manual Returns Automatically with GREP
17:16 – Removing Tab Characters Automatically with GREP
18:12 – Style a Whole Book, Not Just One Document
18:31 – Creating Chapter Documents and Placing Word Docs
19:08 – InDesign Glitch, Placed Document Comes in Last-Edited Style
19:41 – Placing Chapter Files into a Book Document
20:01 – InDesign, Save All Open Files at Once
20:11 – Contact Us

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Duration: 00:20:21