InDesign: How to Make Beautiful Drop Caps [ENGLISH]

In this video, I’m going to show you how to create beautiful and attactive Drop Caps in InDesign. This is an easy way to get your text looking stylish and professional, without having to touch too much code.

Drop caps are the most classic and elegant way to add a splash of color to your typography (and they’re easy to use!). Drop caps are a great way to add a certain charm to your design, and they’re so easy to create.

Drop caps were first popularized back in the 1800s by printers who wanted to differentiate their own typefaces from one another. Drop caps were originally used for this purpose, but now they’re also used for a lot of other reasons!

I will cover the basic of creating a drop cap, including how to set up the drop caps through paragraph panel, control tool bar and paragraph styles panel. You can change the settings any time, including changing the initial letters of the paragraphs.

In this tutorial, you will know:
1. The concept of Drop Caps in Typography
2. How to create Drop caps in InDesign?
3. How to remove drop caps?
4. How to edit drop caps?

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🕘 Timestamps ►
00:00 Introduction to Drop Caps
00:44 What is Drop Caps?
01:26 Why do we use Drop Caps?
02:05 Brief History of Drop Caps
03:02 How to Setup Drop Caps?
11:12 Pros and Cons of using Drop Caps
12:22 Tip of the Day
12:58 Bonus tip of the Day
13:32 Exercise time

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