InDesign • How to Convert a Print Book into an eBook

In this video, I explain my start-to-finish process for converting an InDesign Print Book file into an Ebook file. We utilize Kindle Previewer and Pagina Epub Checker during the process. Here are some questions we answer here:
How can I preview my epub on my computer? How do I keep my chapters separated in my ebook? Why isn’t this style working in my ebook? Why are my pictures so small in my ebook? Why can’t I see the Table of Contents in my Ebook? Why isn’t the metadata date working in my ebook?

0:00 – Intro
01:40 – Open All Book Files at Once
02:04 – Test Export to Epub
02:26 – Fixed Layout vs. Reflowable
03:18 – Using Kindle Previewer to View Ebook
05:58 – Using “Split Document” Style to Create Page Breaks
08:21 – Assigning the Master Style Document
09:20 – Export Settings for Split Document
11:52 – 3 Things to Remember for Proper Split Text
12:19 – Anchoring images so they Stay in Place
14:33 – Making Links Live in an Ebook
15:03 – Using an Image for the Cover Page
17:02 – Making Your Ebook Images Larger
18:16 – What if the Chapters on the Table of Contents Sidebar Aren’t Displaying Correctly?
21:03 – How to Validate an Epub with Pagina Epub Checker
22:22 – How to Add Proper Metadata to Your Ebook in InDesign
23:30 – Why Doesn’t the Date Work in My Ebook Metadata?

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Duration: 00:26:03