Indesign for Beginners ( Free Course – Practical Project with Exercise files & Resources )

Get to know Adobe Indesign’s essentials & basics in one single Project! (minimal clean brochure design) – Download Your Design Resources & Exercise files for free from here:

What you will learn in this course?
– Familiarize with InDesign.
– Indesign Templates, how to get free templates & how to use them for different measurement systems (A4 sizes or US letter size for example)
– Creating Documents in Indesign while understanding Bleed & Margin
– How to present your Indesign designs using free mock-ups for best client presentation.
– Placing Graphics & design elements from Photoshop & Illustrator
– Using CC Libraries for maximum adobe’s design applications integration
– Handling Frames in Indesign & understanding their Concept
– Handling Colors, Palettes & Swatches to meet the CMYK technical Printing aspect.
– Handling Text, Text Frames, Paragraph styles & Text Styles.
– Creating Precise Grid Systems to follow like Rule of Thirds or Golden ratio while maintaining our measurements using rules & X, Y coordinates.
-How to create a strong Minimal design while Managing Positive & Negative Space to achieve an Aesthetic & beautiful design.
– Dealing with Indesign Pages & Handling covers & Spreads.
– Preflight checks for final export
– Exporting Designs from Indesign & creating Packages while considering the Printing Technicals for CMYK

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:26 Indesign New Documents & Templates

00:11:12 Indesign Workspace tour & familiarization

00:14:33 Cover Design (part1)
00:35:14 Cover Design (Part2)
00:51:24 brochure inside (part1) (Layout grid)

01:02:21 brochure inside (Part2) (Design Process)
01:23:40 Packages & exporting in Indesign

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Duration: 01:33:22