InDesign Diacritic Position/ Positioning | How to move or Adjust Diacritic Marks or Urdu Dots

InDesign Diacritic Position/ Positioning | How to move or Adjust Diacritic Marks or Arabic / Urdu Dots

Urdu Typo presents : How to move or Adjust Diacritic marks (zabar, zer, pesh) or Dots (nuqty)

Urdu Typography Course By Urdu Typo

The following course by Urdu Typo will help you to type Urdu in InDesign without any problem. Urdu Typography, Urdu Graphic Design, Urdu Magazine Design, Urdu Print Media, Modern Urdu Typography, Urdu Magazine Layout, all of these techniques will be at modern design parameters… So Hit the subscribe Button and like the Video….. The very next class will be uploaded soon…..

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