InDesign Data Merge Tutorial you must Know!

InDesign Data Merge Tutorial
තරමක් වෙනස් තොරතුරු සමඟ, ඔබට එකම ලේඛනය කිහිප වතාවක් මුද්‍රණය කිරීමට සිදුවුවහොත්, ඔබට InDesign Data Merge කිරීම උත්සාහ කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය විය හැකිය. ඔබට බොහෝ කාලයක් ඉතිරි කර ගත හැක.

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If you have to print the same document multiple times, but with slightly different information, you may want to try out data merging.
InDesign’s built-in Data Merge feature is an extremely useful solution for creating product catalogues, letters, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, coupons, ads, or any other data publishing jobs.
InDesign Data Merge enables you to create an InDesign document that contains data-field placeholders, and then automatically populate another document from a file containing all the data.

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