InDesign CC Epub – Create a Video Popup

EPUB interactivity inside InDesign CC, learn how to use a multi-state object and create an interactive video pop-up frame for a fixed layout EPUB to engage your readers and elevate the user experience.

In this EPUB interactive InDesign CC tutorial, I will teach you how to create two object states, add actions to buttons, use the Object Export Options to see how given graphics can be exported and finally move to an iPad to test the Fixed Layout Epub’s interactivity.

▶ Exercise Files

▶ InDesign CC
Creates documents that include interactive controls such as buttons, movies and audio files, animation, and hyperlinks. You can then export the document to Fixed Layout EPUB output format to allow users to use an EPUB reader to view and interact with the document.

On InDesign to modify the content of a state:
▶ Select the multi-state object with the Selection tool.
▶ Double-click the name of the state that you want to modify.
▶ Switch to the Direct Selection tool.
▶ Make whatever changes you want to the content of the multi-state.
▶ Click the Paste Copied Content icon in the Object States panel.

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Duration: 00:12:02