InDesign Beginner Tutorial

InDesign Beginner Tutorial

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Overview 1:48
Customizing the Interface 4:52
Navigation 13:54
Creating New Documents 21:44
Overview of the Pages Panel 28:07
Creating Posters 35:26
Placing Images and Adding Text 51:23
Working with Images (Part 1) 56:23
Working with Images (Part 2) 1:08:06
Creating an Image Grid 1:16:14
Aligning Objects 1:19:13
Working with Links 1:23:53
Image Effects and Eyedropper 1:30:59
Object Styles 1:38:34
Typographical Settings 1:48:22
Placing Text from Word 2:02:56
Text Frame Options 2:13:51
Text Threads and Hidden Characters 2:19:33
Paragraph Styles 2:27:41
Bullets, Numbering, and Paragraph Styles 2:40:21
Character Styles 2:45:30
Working with Color and Swatches 2:51:49
Working Gradients 3:01:08
Master Pages 3:11:13
Preferences, Spellcheck, and Display Performance 3:29:40
Exporting and Packaging 3:40:15
Conclusion 3:57:26


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Duration: 03:58:51