Image in Text | Photoshop Text Effects

Image in Text | Photoshop Text Effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to put an image inside the contours of words using clipping masks. I recommend this in making social media images, for advertisements or announcements. It really stands out on Facebook.

It’s super simple. The only thing you’ll need is an image. I chose one with nice colors and textures.

1. Import your image and create a copy of the background layer.

2. Add the text that you want. Place it on the image where you want.

3. Move the image layer OVER the text layer. Right click and select Create Clipping Mask. Voila!

4. For more text, simply add another text layer and another duplicated image layer, align them, and add another clipping mask.

5. (optional) You can add text effects to the text if you’d like. Just right click on the text layer and select Blending Options. Choose the effect you want, such as Drop Shadow for text shadow effects.

Simple, eh?

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Duration: 00:07:49