Illustrator Tutorial: Yoga Pose Illustration Design Process

In today’s Illustrator tutorial I’ll show you how to create a not-so flat illustration using Illustrator CC in just a few steps. I’ve tried to go past the flat illustration style I’ve done in past videos and further develop the style by adding a bit more dimension to the basic shapes that make up the composition by using gradients and some very basic shading inside Illustrator CC.

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I’ve started the process by creating a small sketch of a pretty popular yoga pose.

Since I can’t do it in real life, thought I’ll have a better shot at designing it.


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Follow along and download the fully layered Illustrator vector files that includes the full design of this illustration and the initial sketches here:

You can use this illustration for free in any of your projects!

It was way easier to draw and render it inside Illustrator than to do it in real life, so using the Pen Tool (P) I’ve started creating the shapes that make up the illustration.

I’ve experimented a lot with different opacity levels and blending modes between all of the elements and added some gradients to some of them.

The final color scheme can be found here:

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