Illustrator Tutorial: Travel Flat Illustration Design Process

Flat design illustrations that include icons are something that have always caught my eye, in today’s Illustrator tutorial you’ll learn how to do an illustration starting with a simple sketch and adding it inside Adobe Illustrator CC. For this illustration I wanted to have a girl that loves traveling, so after a couple of sketched ideas I’ve come up with a simple concept, a girl wearing a large coat that has her hands up in the air.

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I’ve then used the Pen tool to block out the initial shapes and the pathfinder tool to make sure that each individual shape is properly bounded by the other elements.

As you can see in the video, I’ve gone through a couple of different stages while designing this flat illustration, the biggest takeaways are:

– Don’t commit to the first idea, sketch more
– If something looks weird, change it
– Try multiple color schemes till you find something that works for you

The color scheme for this flat design illustration was created on

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