Today an Illustrator stroke technique known as the double stroke tip technique, as well as a few bonus and cool stroke technique tips in this Illustrator stroke video guide.
As I mentioned we will be looking at one Illustrator stroke technique in particular, the double stroke tip. So stay tuned for Illustrator text effects coming right up..

This Illustrator stroke tutorial is made to be straight forward and concise, easy to follow and as short as possible for this type of illustrator stroke tutorial.

The stroke styles in this Illustrator tutorial are very cool but simple to do and use, including the double stroke or multiple stroke techniques, and they look great especially around text or a logo. I will be only showing you an Illustrator stroke technique in this video that can be used on text and on shapes. I can however make other various Illustrator stroke tip videos if this one gets a good response, and showcase more Illustrator text effects.

You can utilise the Illustrator stroke technique in this tutorial by using the stroke effects in various different ways; you will be able to add a stroke around your text in different stroke styles and types of designs. Invisible strokes, double stroke, even triple or more strokes if you wish, so I hope this stroke guide in Illustrator helps! As I said though, the stroke video is mainly focused on the Illustrator double stroke tip.

With your text I show you using the ‘appearance window tab’ to add strokes behind the fill layer, that adds a more professional and clean looking stroke effect. In this video guide you will see how to adjust the weight of the stroke and add multiple strokes to one example of text, creating very cool text effects.

Adobe Illustrator is great for editing text, and adding a stroke technique in Illustrator is not that difficult. The common way to add a stroke to your text or shape does not look too appealing most of the time, mainly because it adds a stroke that is inside or on a path, it doesn’t stroke outside of the path. No worries however as this Illustrator stroke technique is simple and you will see how easy it is to stroke like a pro in Adobe Illustrator, adding double strokes or triple strokes to your text or shapes, basically you are able to stroke path anything in Illustrator.

I will most likely expand on this basic illustrator tutorial, a stroke styles video, and showcase other stroke tool and text stroke effects in the near future with another stroke tip in Illustrator video.

If you have any ideas of future videos chime in the comments down below.

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