Illustrator Script Dimensions

Illustrator script specifies dimensions and other properties of selected elements. Also available for InDesign. See links below for webpage and video. Video tutorial is Windows. Script works the same both macOS and Windows.

New features as of version 5.2:
– Paragraph style and swatch names sorted alphabetically case insensitive
– Distance selection 1 is always left-most selection instead of element stacking order
– Extension lines and text offsets allow negative values to put measurements inside elements
– Paragraph style “None” set font manually
– Measurement units now selected in the interface instead of coming from the ruler
– Select the measurement units “style”

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There is also an InDesign version of the script:
Download the script:
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How to install Illustrator scripts macOS:
How to install Illustrator scripts Windows:
More about installing scripts both macOS and Windows:
Other useful scripts for Adobe Creative Cloud applications:

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