Illustrator Fashion Design Tutorial: How to Trace a Photo of a Garment

What if you want to be a fashion designer but can’t draw (like me!)? In this illustrator fashion design tutorial (great for beginner or advanced users) I’ll show you how you can get around that by using a photo of a garment to trace.

It’s a great workaround to create some base sketches you can use to draw your fashion flats.

You will learn:

00:32 Using the layers panel to organize your file and keep your photo and sketch separate
01:03 How to sketch your garment with the Pen Tool
04:08 How to make sure you close your path with the Pen Tool
05:04 How to draw with the Pencil Tool to create organic shapes and paths
07:45 How to copy paths to draw perfectly parallel seam / stitch lines
10:00 How to use brushes to create highlight / lowlights
11:00 How to emulate stitch / seam lines with dashed strokes
11:57 How to use the eye dropper to pick up attributes of other artwork


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Duration: 00:13:35

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