ILLUSTRATOR DIGITAL LINE ART – Zelda Majora's Mask Art In The Style Of Patrick Seymour

I will be embarking on some Illustrator digital line art inspired by the amazing work by Patrick Seymour. You can follow along and learn the technique as you watch
I make some Illustrator digital art based around Majora’s mask which was in a Legend of Zelda game, and strive to design some really cool Zelda digital art in Illustrator. I actually really enjoyed it and I am super pleased with how the digital artwork came out at the very end. I haven’t played the new Zelda game, but I used to have an N64 back in the day and played the Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s mask a WHOLE LOT. So sit back and watch this Illustrator digital line art design based around Zelda, the Majora’s mask.

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Skip to 0:54 for the speed art process

To kick off this Illustrator digital line art design based around a Zelda title, I took an image of Majora’s mask and locked the image in Illustrator. You can make this style of digital line art by using a sketch you make yourself or based around an image online. I set up a guide right down the middle, a lot of the artwork can be duplicate if the image is symmetrical with this Illustrator digital line art. I started with the eyes as you can see, the trick is to think of lines making up everything, so shapes, texture all details need to be lines.

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