Illustration Masterclass with Kyle T. Webster – Editorial Art, Part 3

Join Kyle for part 3 of this series on Editorial Illustration, in which he will complete the first and second illustrations based on the sketches from Part 1.

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00:00 Start
1:15 Recap of Previous Masterclasses
4:10 How to Download Kyle Webster’s Photoshop Brushes
5:00 Painting Carrot Character Portrait with Gouache Brushes
13:00 Using a Blending Mode to Create a Cast Shadow from Carrot Glasses
19:25 Adding Painterly Strokes to the Background with Gouache Brushes
26:30 Using Watercolor Fill Brush to Add a Wash Tone
30:50 Inking New Carrot Sketch
54:50 Painting Inkblock Texture to Clouds

#illustration #drawing #arteducation

Duration: 00:56:45