Illustration Masterclass with Kyle T. Webster: Creating the Perfect Sketch

Without a sketch, you are driving without a roadmap. In this Illustration Masterclass, Kyle will cover the basics of creating the kind of thumbnails, rough sketches and color studies that will make your final art sing. (Part 1 of a series)


00:00 Start
1:50 Importance of Planning a Sketch
6:40 Planning a Sketch with “Safe Areas” for Printing
12:05 Character Sketch Planning
18:35 Mock Poster Assignment for Fly Fishing
19:53 Roughing Out Basic Elements with Thumbnails
37:23 Discussing the Importance of Reference
39:45 Refining Thumbnail Sketch
47:54 Adding Value and Tone
52:53 Discussing Thumbnail Detail to Final Sketch
54:11 Adding Value with Color

Duration: 00:57:16