IK Robot Rigging CGI, VFX Blender (EEVEE) and After Effects Tutorial in Hindi | Urdu | 2023

IK Robot Modeling, Rigging and compositing in Blender and After Effects (Urdu, Hindi, 2023)
In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can model and animate our robot using IK Rigging in Blender, and then we will learn to composite in after Effects.
Assets and addons:
IK Leg and arm
Bartek Skorupa – io_export_after_effects Addon:

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00:00 Chapter 1 Intro
01:00 Chapter 2 IK FK Rigging
02:00 Rigging hand
02:54 Forward Kinematics FK
03:45 Inverse Kinematics IK
04:52 IK Hand Rigging
08:35 IK Chain Length
09:04 IK Pole target
10:18 IK Leg Rigging
11:22 Chapter 3 IK Robot leg Rig building
14:39 Duplicating IK legs
14:50 Chapter 4: Animating the Robot legs
14:52 Method 1: Animating using follow path constraints
16:55 Method 2: Manual Rigging
18:44 Adding head bones
19:29 Chapter 5: Modeling Robot Leg parts
20:31 Texturing Robot legs
22:36 Adjusting legs parts according to rig
23:37 Chapter 6: Parenting Legs parts with IK Bones
26:31 Chapter 7: Robot Head Modeling
27:07 Texturing robot head
27:39 Render settings
28:35 Texture paintings
28:52 Step 1: New UV Map Creation in the Vertex Tab
29:03 Step 2: Assigning UV Map shader in Shader editor
29:39 Step 3: Selecting new UV map in UV editor
30:26 Saving texture
30:29 Creating new texture in Photoshop
32:16 Parenting Robot Head-to-head bone
31:44 Cable Modeling
33:32 Chapter 8: Adding Robot to the scene
33:58 Importing Buildings Scenes from the Previous Tutorial
34:54 Discussing the camera
35:48 View render test
36:25 Adding Volumn stock footages using Image as plane Addon
36:56 Mist Passes
37:44 Final Rendering
37:58 Exporting cameras for After effects
38:38 Chapter 9: Importing render sequence in AE
39:12 Importing camera
39:41 Copy and paste grading from previous tutorials
39:53 Importing smoke & Volumn Footages
41:36 Populating the Volumn Footage in scene
42:44 Final Render
43:09 Outro

Track: Max Brhon – The Future [NCS Release]
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Max Brhon – The Future [NCS Release]
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Duration: 00:43:28