How Transitions can improve your Fan Edits || Premiere Pro & After Effects Tutorial

Edited and produced by: Timothy Gustafsson (Cinema Content)

Softwares used:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects

Logo made by: Oldin Design
Animations made by: Adamson Visuals


Discord name: Timothy#2234
Link to my Discord server:

Intro: (0:00)
1st Transition (Video Trimming): (1:53)
2nd Transition (Video Trimming): (5:00)
3rd Transition (Keyframes on Scale & Position): (7:00)
4th Transition (Color Shift with Adjustment Layer): (15:24)
5th Transition (Color Shift with Color Matte): (24:34)
6th Transition (Motion Blur, Motion Tile and Bezier Keyframes in After Effects): (27:58)
Outro: (41:19)

Duration: 00:43:03