How to use Spell Check in InDesign | Adobe Tutorial

[CC] InDesign sits within Adobe’s popular Creative Cloud (formerly ‘Creative Suite’) of software. Professional and amateur designers alike rely heavily on this range of tools to create and manipulate images. As a dedicated desktop publishing programme however, we expect InDesign to be just as practical at handling text as it is with imagery.

Spelling and grammar are fundamental to the integrity of your message, and InDesign has got your back. Featuring a spell check within the desktop publisher is especially useful if you’re composing content within the programme, but it’s also a great failsafe when you’re transferring text from a file or email into your design.

We’re used to spell checks in word processing, and InDesign’s integrated spell checker is every bit as versatile and sophisticated. Dynamic Spelling means InDesign won’t just highlight problems, but suggest corrections too. InDesign also allows you to set the language, edit the dictionary and customise the look and function of the feature itself.

Did you know, you can even allocate different colours to underline different types of spelling and grammar error?

Our tutorial shows you how to use and personalise the spell check tool in InDesign, including tips to unlock hidden features that make life easier and help you to produce flawless publications.

00:00 Intro
00:09 Opening spell check
00:25 Accepting suggested corrections
00:57 Adding a word to the dictionary
01:34 Dynamic spelling and underline alerts
01:56 Customise alerts
02:32 Correcting mistakes with dynamic spelling enabled
02:51 Outro

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