How to Use Mocha for Tracking and Clean up After Effects – Tips from a Professional VFX Artist

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Auto-Generated Transcript Below 👇

Mark Christiansen (00:00): Well, hello there I’m Mark Christiansen, visual effects, artist and motion designer. In this short video, I’m going to show you a mocha tracking tip that will basically give you a new superpower Motion tracking is one of the most common tasks. And after effects, artists will tackle. I’m going to show you a time-saving trick that will blow your mind. Now, if you really want to hone your compositing chops, check out the effects for motion, the compositing and visual effects class that’s built for motion designers. You can also download the project files and using this video to follow along or practice with after you’re done, watching details are in the description.

Mark Christiansen (00:44): All right, so here’s a fun challenge. We’re going to remove the word. Stop from the stop sign. Most likely illegal. We’re going to replace it with the school of motion logo. Now on the surface, this may seem like a fairly straightforward tracking exercise, but if you approach it the wrong way, you’ll be fighting the software the entire time. The first thing we’re going to need to do is track the sign. We’re going to do that using mocha III, which comes for free with after effects. So that applied the mocha effect layer. Now I’m going to click this button, but before I do that, I need to be in full resolution. Now mocha has opened and we’re ready to track, even though this is sort of the light version of mocha, it is very powerful. And there are a lot of features. If you really want to go deep with this tool, checkout VFX for motion link in the description.

Mark Christiansen (01:34): MOCA is a planar tracker, which means that it can actually look at a very large area of your image and figure out how that area is moving. It can even pick up things like perspective change, which is present at the beginning of the shot right here. So to start, I’m going to come up here and just grab the X spline tool. I’m going to zoom into the image a little bit, and then I’m going to draw a shape around the word stop. All I’m trying to do is pick an area that has some good details that the planar tracker can keep track of it. Now, because this tracking area is moving rotating, scaling, and shifting perspective. We do need to have all of these boxes check down here. Now I can track forward. You can see that MOCA is doing a very good job of tracking this blue area.

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