How to use AutoHotKey with Premiere – step by step tutorial for beginners!

AutoHotKey can drastically speed up your video editing in Premiere, by adding features it doesn’t have! This tutorial shows exactly how to do it, step by step.
NOTE: Even if Premiere eventually gets some or all of these features, this tutorial will still teach you everything you need to know, for any future AHK scripts you may wish to write or modify.

0:00:00 Hello, world!
2:39 Downloading and installing AHK
10:06 #singleinstance
14:52 What it means to “comment out” your code
16:13 #ifwinactive is very important
18:14 You can remap anything to anything else
20:08 Read all of this tutorial before you continue, except for section 7, objects:

21:03 1st script: ripple delete clip at playhead
31:44 Where to find all the shortcuts you must assign in Premiere, for my scripts to work!
32:17 Where to find MY Premiere shortcut assignments, and where Premiere stores them
37:45 2nd script: Instant cut at cursor
40:28 How “return” works
42:38 3rd script: Delete single clip at cursor

59:08 (Intermission) My tutorial creation process BTS – explanation of “dead ends”

1:01:29 Panel-specific shortcuts are important to know about
1:02:49 Upgrading your text editor! (to Notepad++)
AHK syntax highlighting:

1:07:40 Here’s what preset() does
1:08:17 Why this tutorial will be relevant even if Premiere gets this feature someday
1:09:28 4th script: preset()!!
1:14:34 Why and how I use weird scan codes for debugging
1:17:48 WINDOW SPY – how to find the ahk_exe and ahk_class, etc
1:18:44 Back to preset()
1:55:11 cropclick() – optional!
1:59:33 tippy() – you don’t need it.
2:00:37 Where to put all your AHK scripts!
(Make the following folders:)

2:02:50 Adding more function calls
2:06:41 Alternative to using my preset() function:

2:07:40 Make your scripts run automatically on startup.
(Put a shortcut to is, here:)
C:Users[YOUR_USERNAME]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

2:09:11 Right click to move playhead script
2:11:56 yes_delete_existing_keyframes.ahk
2:12:53 accelerated scrolling

Duration: 02:14:12