How to use 3D Transforms in Adobe XD (Design Tutorial)

At Adobe MAX this year, Adobe announced a really awesome feature that is going to change the way we think & interact with user interfaces.

Introducing, the 3D TRANSFORM TOOL!

In this video I attempt to make a mobile music player/selector utilizing the newly added 3D Transform tool in Adobe XD.

I feel I’m barely scraping the surface of this tool and it’s capabilities. Please share your explorations with me by commenting below.

Thanks for watching!

Click this link to check out all the other rad features released this year at MAX for Adobe XD:

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Intro 00:00

Designing cards 01:28

Add album artwork to the cards 07:58

First look at 3D Transform tool 11:38

Auto-animate a drag interaction with 3D Transform 13:14

Designing the music player (time-lapse) 22:39

Using Component States to trigger interactions 23:43

Final Interaction with Timed Transitions 26:54

Music by Zeeky Beats (prod. Zeeky Beats)
Instagram: @zeekybeats

Duration: 00:27:46