How to Update to Adobe Dimension CC latest version | MacBook , iMac , Mac mini, Mac Pro

Adobe Dimension CC
Dimension CC
Enhanced Illustrator and Photoshop integration
Import AI, PSD, and SVG files and copy/paste raster and vector artwork right into your Dimension scenes. You can even import Illustrator and Photoshop artboards to use as materials, textures, and more.
Multiple graphic layers
Place multiple images, logos, and other graphics on your 3D models as layers. Each one can have unique material properties and settings.
Support for more 3D file formats
Dimension now supports Sketchup SKP, Autodesk FBX, STL, and OBJ formats so you can easily work with files created in other 3D modeling apps.
Render queue
Use bookmarks to efficiently render multiple saved views in a single Dimension file.
Faster rendering
Get faster interaction and render preview times with the new native renderer.
Publish 3D scenes
Once you’ve created a 3D scene, publish it to a 3D web-based viewer and generate a unique URL for sharing.
Canvas and render size print controls
The Dimension canvas now offers familiar 2D zooming, panning, and resizing controls. Use print controls to easily adjust the size of your canvas based on physical units and print resolution settings.
And so much more
Also includes: Improved depth of field controls, camera Undo/Redo, a Sampler tool, and improved Match Image environment lights.

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