How to SWAP HEADS in Photoshop | EASY

How to SWAP HEADS in Photoshop | EASY
Learn how to do a head swap in Adobe Photoshop CC 2022. In this basic tutorial for beginners, I show you an easy way of swapping heads or CHANGE heads in photoshop, where I show you how to replace the head of Luca Doncic with the head of Adam Sandler. We will use the quick selection tool (select subject) and select and mask to cut out the NEW HEAD, we will adjust the size/scale, position and rotation of the head, we will use the Clone Stamp Tool to erase the original head and other elements if needed from the background and then we will use 2 different techniques to MATCH THE SKIN TONES to blend the new head with the body (manually and using a simple 1-click method that does most of the work for you – with a curves adjustment layer and clipping mask).

More about Select and Mask:
More about the Clone Stamp Tool:

0:00 Start
0:14 Get Your Assets
1:12 Cut Out New Head
4:27 Match Scale/Position (head)
5:48 Fix Background (Clone Stamp Tool)
7:00 Fix Background (Content-Aware Fill)
7:42 Blend the Necks
8:48 Match Skin Tones (Curves)
10:54 Match Skin Tones (Color Balance)
11:20 Adjust Contrast

Duration: 00:12:57