How to SWAP FACES in Photoshop CC | Video Game Character Edition

Learn a FAST and EASY way to SWAP FACES in Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 using Auto-Blend Layers. This method works with regular human faces as well video game character faces.

In this tutorial I show you how to change the face of Joel Miller, from The Last Of Us, to the face of MR. Beast or Jimmy and MATCH THEIR SKIN TONES using a simple method that does all of the work for you called Auto Blend Layers. Auto-Blend Layers automatically matches tones and colors, and it fills transparent pixels with Content-Aware. I also show how to use warp, add the shadows, change teeth and hair color (with adjustment layers such as hue/saturation and color balance) and I end by showing you how to make your image look a bit more grungy using Camera Raw Filter adjustments.

Click Here to watch my first FACE SWAP VIDEO:
Or Here to watch my HEAD SWAP VIDEO:

0:00 Start
0:20 Selection of the Face
1:05 Resize/Position/Warp the Face
2:36 Refine the Face Selection
3:57 Auto Blend Layers
5:18 Blend the Layers More
9:22 Create the Shadow/Highlights
11:52 Fix Teeth/Eye/Face Color
14:02 Change Hair Color
16:10 Add Grunge Look

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Main Camera (Panasonic G9): ​
Wide Lens (Sigma 16mm):
Portrait Lens (Sigma 30mm):
Camera Shotgun Mic (Sennheiser MKE600):
USB Desktop Mic (Blue Yeti):
Second Camera (Panasonic G85):


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