How To Stop Premiere Pro From Crashing – Complete Tutorial

How To Stop Premiere Pro From Crashing

If Adobe Premiere Pro is crashing during your edits, there are several things you can do to help stop it from Crashing. Here is a list of 15 things to try if Adobe Premiere Pro crashes.

Delete Media Cache
Do this on Premiere and do this manually outside of premiere

Change Playback from GPU to software only
Let it rebuild previews
And delete previews (this will slow down the premiere)

Reset Premiere Preferences
Hold option/alt + shift when launching premiere. If you see the welcome screen, you did this right.

Update Premiere Pro

Revert back to another version of premiere using a creative cloud app

Try closing all other applications

Give Premiere More memory

Edit off a solid-state/Flash drive if you can

Check your hard drive to make sure you have plenty of empty space on it and it’s not almost full

Close other projects inside the premiere

Remove any effects on your video and audio to see if any effect is causing this
A lot of advanced effects like Wrap Stabilizer can cause the premiere to crash. You can try nesting the clip with a wrap stabilizer on it.

Create a New Sequence and copy the content of the sequence over

You can also try this with the entire project. Start a new project. And important sequences from the crashed project.

Here is the full list with timestamps

00:00 intro

00:31 Clear Media Cache

1:59 Delete Media Cache

3:18 Change video rendering and playback to software only

4:21 Reset Adobe Premiere Pro Preferences

5:07 Update Premiere Pro to the latest version

5:38 Use earlier version of Premiere

6:01 Close all other applications on your computer

6:28 Allocated more memory to Premiere Pro

6:50 buy more memory for your computer

7:10 Edit on SSD drive

7:58 Don’t let your hard drives get full or near full

8:41 Close all unused sequences/projects in Premiere Pro

9:03 Nest clips with effects

9:48 Nest videos with different frame rate and different resolutions

10:36 Copy everything to a new sequence or new project

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