HOW TO SHIP EDITING STYLE + WATCH ME EDIT | after effects tutorial

watch the edit with sound:

hey! this time i’m going to show u how to do ship edits or well how i like to do them, enjoy!!
0:00​ final result
0:40​ intro
0:50​ text and bcc wave
3:49​ how i do my flashes
4:40​ editing process
22:04 outro for the edit
23:08 panning/wiggle

shortcuts for faster editing:
audio by giob9:
text stroke by obriemas:
evcrlore giveaway post:
baekhinee giveaway video:
timeslice transiton by colinsrum:
scenepack credits:

where can you find me?

fandom: seojun and ju kyung (seokyung) – true beauty
program: after effects cc 2019

songs used:

Duration: 00:24:21

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