How to replace an image on a 3D mockup with own – Photopea Tutorial

In this video, we replace a picture background on a 3D Mockup with our own image using Photopea in less than 6 minutes, we add our 2D logo and convert to 3D final design 😀.

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00:00 Introduction
00:28 Where to find mockups
00:39 Open
00:41 Add a 3D mockup from ‘Open from computer’
00:49 Add your own picture
01:20 Hide the old background picture
01:33 Adjust your own picture & transform it into the canvas
02:51 Flip your picture
03:01 Move the 3D background logo and adjust it to where you want it to be
04:09 Replace the 3D designer logo with your own 2D logo
04:51 Save as smart object
05:00 The logo is displayed on your new Mockup – congratulations 😀
05:22 Download the design

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