How to Remove Skin Redness – Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Skin Retouching Tutorial, you will learn to remove the Skin Redness using Hue Saturation Adjustment Layers. to do it Select the red color in the hue and saturation layers. increase the saturation of red and target the red color using slider underneath. After targeting the red color reduce the saturation and adjust hue value in the right direction of the hue. moreover, you press ctrl + j to get a more accurate result to remove skin redness

Now understand the skin complexion. there are 3 main colors in human skin. these are Orange 95%, Red 5%, and Yellow 5% so this is the reason why I have a target red to redness on the skin. but keep in mind there is no orange color slider in Photoshop Hue and Saturation. so we have to do this work manually by dragging the slider in the range value to target red. moreover, photoshop CC 2020 has many more advanced features. but consider this drawback of photoshop is not having the white balance tool. so do it manually in photoshop by color balance adjustment layer. there you can adjust the tone by grading slider to the opposite direction of color available in the photo. there are so many photoshop tutorial videos on youtube. but important is to learn professional techniques for your commercial skin retouching workflow.

The Most important to use Photoshop Camera Raw filter to process your raw photos.

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