How to Photograph, Light & Edit very large rooms / spaces

Recently I shot a large home with a huge “Great Room” and in this video I share my Tips & Tricks for success…

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What equipment does Rich Baum use?

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Disclaimer: As always what works for me may not work for you so please take everything I say with a grain of salt.. and everything in my videos are just my opinions.

Sony a7III
Sunwayfoto L Bracket for a7III.
Sony a6400.
Sunwayfoto L Bracket for a6400.
Sony 16-35gm
Sony 24-70gm
Sony 70-200gm
Sony 85 1.8.
Sony 12-24.
Samyang 12mm.
Canon 17mm Tilt Shift.
Canon 24mm Tilt Shift.
Arca Swiss D4.
Flashpoint Evolv 200.
Flashpoint Streaklight 360.
Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Manual
Flashpoint R2 Pro Trigger.
Flashpoint Explor 600
Flashpoint Silicone Skin for evolve 200.
Camranger 2
Manfrotto 3046 tripod.​
Manfrotto 1051 BAC 7’ lightstand.
Manfrotto 1004 BAC 12’ lightstand
Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release

Duration: 00:31:57